VR Property Experience

What is the  ‘ VR PROPERTY EXPERIENCE ‘?  We charge 3000 euros agency fee to the buyers when we sell a property, we are honest and open about it. I used to tell my clients that this 3000 euros is our commission. But in reality , it’s a lot more than just our commission. Its partly commission, but mainly you are paying for the VR Property Experience , so what is this you ask yourself.

It starts when you get in touch with me via mail or Whatsapp and we start planning your viewing visit to Alicante. I will book the hotel for you , we will pay for 2 nights stay for 2 people , with no obligations whatsoever. When you arrive, we will pick you up from the airport , show you around our beautiful city , show you our properties and with a bit of luck find you something to buy.

We will arrange your NIE number ( Foreigners ID number) , open you a Spanish bank account , do all background checks and paperwork involved in the purchase , provide vour lawyer and our translator. After the purchase the experience continues with a lovely lunch and maybe even celebration drinks.

We will then help you with whatever you want to do with the property…refurbish , redecorate , furnish ,installation of gas , internet, electric and water. If you are coming and going we can keep an eye on your property for you, have it cleaned for you before you return. We will also inform you of any bills, council taxes , community fees….

If you have bought the property as an investment and you want to rent it out, we will find suitable tenants , properly screened , and we will manage your property for free the first year….we do absolutely everythingfor you so that buying a property from us will be a happy, relaxed event.

This is the VR Property Experience , and we are very proud to offer it to you