VR Property at the real estate exhibition “A Place in the Sun” in Manchester 2018

In March 2018, VR Property Alicante was present at the most famous UK property exhibition
“A Place In The Sun”. This property fair takes its name from a popular TV show, which began in
2000, where the presenters advise potential home buyers on what is available for them abroad
to suit their needs and budget.

The exhibition in Manchester 2018 was attended by 5957 people of whom 76% were
considering buying a property and, what’s more, for 80% it was their first visit to the event.

Spain, along with France, Portugal, Italy and the USA, is in the Top 5 countries for buying
property as a second home or as an investment. For this reason, VR Property Alicante was
present at the exhibition and we would like to thank everyone who visited the stand, especially
those who now enjoy their homes or their investments here in Alicante.

The pictures show the presenters Laura Hamilton and Adrian Simpson at our stand. If you are
interested about buying property in Alicante be it as a permanent residence, holiday home or
as an investment, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find your own “place in the sun”.

Laura Hamilton

Amanda Lamb

Amanda Lamb

Adrian Simpson

Adrian Simpson











One Comment

  1. Arthur Denis

    on   said 

    Hello dear Reader.

    I have see you website ..its great and nice flats for sale.

    I have interest to come look to several flats.
    I prefer a 4 bedroom flat..in top floor.
    Whit elevator .
    Also it must be have free and secured parking place..for my mobil home..( camping car.
    My question
    How is the Crime rate in the aerias ? Where you have the Flats for sale?

    Next question

    What are the nationalities from people who living there?

    I live in the Netherlands
    Have own property

    At this moment i living whit my Filipino wife in the Filipinnes
    We return to Netherlands 28 februari

    Ather that i wil focus to buy a Flat in a nice secure place

    Close at schools

    We have 2 children one 9 year and one 7 years old.

    Keep me regular posted


    I have already a NIE
    I have lived also 2 years in Albox in Spain.
    But i diddent like it there.
    To quite


    Arthur Denis

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